Personal Patient Supplies Ordered During SNF Part A Stay

edited February 2020 in Billing and Claims

We recently received a bill from a Hearing Aid company stating that our facility is responsible for paying for hearing aid batteries that a resident ordered during their Part A stay. The hearing aid company stated that they tried to bill resident's Part B Medicare insurance and that the claim was denied because the resident was in a skilled nursing facility on the day the order was placed.

Are we really responsible for covering this cost (60 hearing aid batteries at over $300), if the resident and or their family member placed the order personally and our facility was not aware (nor was it required and no order given that the resident needed the batteries at the time of their SNF Part A stay)? On a side note, it also appears that the delivery was made to the resident's home address after they discharged our facility; but the order date fell within the time they were in our facility.

If we are truly responsible for this cost and other residents became aware of this "loop hole", any person could rack up a personal supply bill during their SNF part A stay; unbeknownst to the facility. Has anyone else experienced this before?

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