Interrupted Stay

When a resident is discharged from Part A benefits and remains long-term care in the same facility, but is re-admitted under the part A benefit within 3 days Medicare says this is part of the interrupted stay policy. My question is how does the facility bill for the days that they were long-term care? Can this be billed under medicaid?
The interruptted stay policy is easy when the resident leaves the facility for say a hospital stay. We just are not sure how to approach the situation should the resident remain at the SNF but not under the part A benefit.

resident discharges from Part A as therapy and skilled service no longer needed on 11/20/19. Resident goes to LTC in that facility. on 11/22/19 the resident is placed back on Part A as it is found she has n infection and requires IV antibiotics.

This would fall under interrupted stay as the resident is in the same SNF and it's less than 3 days. How do we bill the days under LTC?


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