Therapists and care plans

Do your therapists bill the time they participate in the SNF care plan meeting? If so, what codes are they using and is there a resource out there for billing?


  • Our contract states "upon reasonable notice, they will participate in care planning conferences required to coordinate care of an individual therapy patient." There are no specific charges for the resident but the cost is bundled into the contract with the therapy provider. There are no charges entered directly to the patient.

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    Our therapists usually bill for the time they are participating in the therapy portion, but usually not the entire care plan. Their documentation reflects the caregiver education they provided in the care plan meeting. There isn’t a specific CPT code for patient education so the education time is reported under the service code that best aligns with what was taught. If ST is treating for dysphagia, then the CP meeting education provided would fall under that treatment code (92526).

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